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Power Tool Battery


Voltage: 14.4V
Capacity: 3.0Ah
Type: Ni-MH
Color: Black
Dimension: 110.5mm x 80.75mm x 102.5mm
The battery to replace Black Decker PS140, PS140A, A9276, A9262

Voltage 14.4V Cell type Sub-C
Capacity Available Nicd 1.3Ah Nicd 1.5Ah Nimh 2.0Ah Nimh 2.1Ah Package PE bag and Brown Box
Nimh 2.5Ah Nimh 3.0Ah NImh 3.3Ah
Original Battery Code PS140, PS140A, A9276, A9262
Original Tool Code Code PS3625, PS3650K, PS3650FA, CD14CA, CD14CAB, CD14CB, CD14CBK,
        CD14CBKT, CD14CE, CD14GSF-2, CD140GK2, CD632K2, CD1402K2, KC14GTK,
         KC14GTBK, KC14CE, KC14CK, CD140GKR, KC1440-2, CD140GK,